Cornell cheerleaders

Life at Cornell: Something for Everyone

Living and Learning at Cornell

We don't separate life and education. At Cornell living is learning.

Learning is a way of life. And life at Cornell is meant to pique your curiosity and stimulate your intellect at every turn. Whether that means conversations with faculty members over dinner at your residence hall or a trip to New York City for underground jazz, the opportunities are yours for the choosing.

Sushmitha Krishnamoorthy

“In the Whitby Co–op, we have environmentalists, dancers, actors, computer scientists, ornithologists, engineers and writers, just to mention a few. They are all amazing people.”

- Sushmitha Krishnamoorthy, Computer Science
student on a climbing wall

Pursue Your Passion

Something for Everyone

With more than 1,000 student organizations on campus, there's a community for every interest. And what doesn't exist is easy to create.

Cornell has a way of being as small as you want it to be and as big as you make it. One of the first things you'll notice when you arrive is that the many groups, activities, and opportunities offered mean there's probably already a community waiting for you to come hang out.

Roselby Sosa

“One of the benefits of going to a school like Cornell University is that you can connect with a community of like-minded and supportive people.”

- Roselby Sosa, Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR)
student reads while sitting in a swing on the quad

Home Away from Home

Home Away From Home

Word on the Hill is that students love Ithaca and Ithaca loves its students.

Home to three institutes of higher learning, Ithaca knows what it means to be a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive college town. There's always something going on: festivals, volunteer programs, nightlife. And it sits right in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region—a beautiful reason to get out and about.

Ian Perry

“In Ithaca, there are a lot of outdoorsy things to do, and there's tons of good food to be found.”

- Ian Perry, Engineering